New Features - December 2018 Release (06/12/2018)

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New Features

  1. Smart Matching new features
Feature Explanation
Account and Balance View Access the Account View filter in Smart Matching to view an on-screen general ledger.
Download Bank Statement Download the Bank Statement Report directly from Smart Matching.
Bank Feed Status View the status of the bank feed (if applicable) in Smart Matching.
  1. Data Feed additions
Data Feed Explanation
BGL Contract Note Service State One Stockbroking and Charter Financial Planning added as brokers. Bank Australia (formerly Mecu Limited) added to the service.
  1. New Rollover Benefit Statement form template

An update for the new rollover benefits statement format for transactions occurring after 01/07/2017 is now available.

  1. New API endpoint - Investment Movement Report and Pension Summary Report available for the BGL API.


  1. Realised Capital Gains Report: Purchase date of investments added to report.
  2. Smart Matching: the last year and current year 30 June account balance will display for each transaction when coding.
  3. Transaction Input: Fast Spreadsheet Data Input (Cash Code) button added to Transaction List as a shortcut.
  4. How to Enter Rollover or Lump Sum Payments: PAYG Payment Summary now picking up the selected beneficiary from the 46000 More Details Panel.
  5. Macquarie Wrap: AMIT data and supported underlying transactions for funds with managed portfolios now imported.

Issues Corrected

  1. Detailed Balance Sheet: Income Tax Payable/Refundable issue now corrected. Also, the extra blank page is no longer produced in the report.
  2. The SMSF Annual Return and Electronic Lodgement Declaration: ELS declaration will pick up the second bank account (Financial Institution Details) from the SMSF Annual Return.
  3. Investment Total Return Report: Market price of investments will now display decimal places when the unit value is less than 1. Previously, the price would round down to 0.
  4. Badges and Rounding: When the rounding option for financial statements is selected as Yes , Label D1 (Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership Tax Offset) no longer appears in the Notes to the Financial Statements when it does not have a value for the period.
  5. The SMSF Annual Return: Preferred Trustee or Director details are now saving correctly in Section K.
  6. Capital Gains Reconciliation Report: “Other” capital gains and Indexation capital gains amounts are now appearing in the reconciliation report when recorded in the 23800 More Details Panel. Where tax-deferred and/or tax-free amounts are recorded these entries are no longer doubling up.
  7. Capital Gains Reconciliation Report: Non-cash capital gains and losses are now appearing in the reconciliation report when recorded in the 23800 More Details Panel.
  8. Trustee Declaration: Wording updated for “Specifically, the trustees declares that” to " Specifically, the trustees declare that" .
  9. Activity Statement Report - Detailed: Totals for sub accounts are now appearing.
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