New Features - August 2019 Release (22/08/2019)

New Features

  1. Distribution Review: Simplify your end of year processing with one of Simple Fund 360’s biggest feature releases this year. Simple Fund 360’s Distribution Review feature reduces the hours spent manually entering tax components and automates the generation of distribution tax components which improves your ability to reconcile quickly and effectively.

  2. Engage by BGL: A next generation mobile app that allows you and your clients to share remarkable experiences. Learn more

  3. Wraps Data Feed - Distribution Components: Transactions from feed providers will now be automatically updated with their respective tax components as Simple Fund 360 receives this information from the feed provider.

  4. API - New endpoint: Transactions can be retrieved based on either transaction dates or modification dates. See GET - Ledger Transactions

  5. API - New endpoint: Lodgement details can now be retrieved for a given fund through BGL’s API. See GET - ATO Lodgements

  6. Smart Matching - Contribution Label: Increased clarity in matching contribution transactions. Simple Fund 360 now displays a label next to contribution transactions in the Smart Matching screen indicating the type of contribution being recorded.


  1. Binding Death Nomination Form: Member codes now appear on Binding Death Nomination forms.

  2. Annual Return - TFN Displayed: Improvements made to when a member’s TFN will appear on the annual return and its schedules. User Role settings and Badge settings can be fine-tuned to restrict when a member’s TFN is displayed on the annual return and its schedules.

  3. New mail merge field: Mail merge fields have been added for custom reports in Simple Fund 360 and are now available for use in your custom reports. These are the Reporting Period Start Date and Reporting Period Start Year values for a given fund. Please refer to the mail merge field list available in Simple Fund 360 for more information.

  4. Custom report templates: Managing which Simple Fund 360 Badges have access to customised reports and templates is now easier thanks to improvments made to the custom reports template screen. See Custom Reports and Customising the Template for an Existing Report for more infomation.

  5. File Import Management: Uploaded files in the File Management screen now appear with the most recently uploaded files at the top of the list. Error messages for file imports have been clarified to allow easier trouble shooting of issues.

Errors Corrected

  1. Opening Balance: When setting up a fund and posting a pension payment SF360 will not create any notes to the Financial Statements.

  2. Reports: Issue resolved when printing the Time Stamp on the Investment Summary and Investment Summary Market Movement Reports.

  3. Wind up Date: The ability to edit the wind-up date from UI in the SMSF Annual Return has been resolved.

  4. Investment Movement Report: Rounding error on units held has now been resolved.

  5. Pension Dashboard: Corrections have been made to the calculations of the amount payable to reach max.

  6. Pension Dashboard: Pension accounts will not display if the pension start date is after the financial year end date selected.

  7. More Details Panel: Improvements have been made to the user interface when coding a distribution.

  8. Lump Sum Payments: An algorithm has been added to help Simple Fund 360 users who post lump sum payments when tax has been withheld.

  9. File Management: Error resolved when trying to reverse an upload that has locked transactions.

  10. Enhanced Privacy: All non-admin user roles now have the Enhanced Privacy user role option applied by default. Admin user roles will have this role disabled by default.

  11. Report Margins: Issue fixed where top margins of some reports would grow with page length of report.

  12. Transaction Recode: The Transaction Recode screen now displays correctly in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).

  13. Dividend - System Data: Updated system dividend data for IGO.ASX on 29/08/2019.

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