New Features - August 2019 Release (01/08/2019)

New Features

  1. Smart Matching: Zero touch fund processing gets closer with the rollout of Smart Matching’s smartest matching algorithm ever. Simple Fund 360’s Smart Matching now prefills security Buy and Sell transaction securities and quantity amounts.

  2. Fund Windup: Simple Fund 360 now supports the electronic lodgement of 2020 wound up funds.

  3. Common Reports Settings: Save time when preparing reports by applying common settings simultaneously to all reports listed in the reports screen.

  4. Contract Notes Service: Harvest Lane and Sequoia Asset Management are now supported by the Contract Notes Service. To review all Supported Brokers Click Here.

  5. File Management: It’s Monday morning you haven’t had your coffee and that sinking feeling strikes. You realise you’ve uploaded the wrong bank CSV file. Don’t worry you don’t have to delete all the transactions individually. There’s a quick way to now reverse uploads. File Management now provides you with the ability to Track, Report or Reverse previous uploads.


  1. SMSF Annual Return: In Section A Question 7, Simple Fund 360 will automatically populate the refund banking details based on the details entered in the previous year’s SMSF Annual Return.

  2. Custom Reporting: New merge fields are now available, providing data on the 84500 Income In Advance Account. To learn more about customising reports click here

  3. Macquarie ESI: When establishing a Macquarie data feed, Simple Fund 360 will run an instant validation check on the Macquarie Cash ESI credentials entered. Once your credentials have been successfully validated, the Macquarie bank data will begin/continue to import over the next 24 hours.

Errors Corrected

  1. TBAR Management: Improvements have been made on TBAR events that have been cancelled and lodged and how they display in the TBAR Management Dashboard.

  2. TBAR Management: 500 error has been resolved when moving bulk TBAR events from lodged to prepared.

  3. Editable Wind Up Date: The ability to edit the wind-up date from UI in the SMSF Annual Return has been resolved.

  4. Merger Transactions: When the consideration for a merger transaction is nil, CGT amounts will be reflected in CGT Reports.

  5. Fund Wind Up: When a wind-up date has been entered in the Fund Details Screen, Simple Fund 360 will now prepare section G in the SMSF Annual Return. The member’s status will also automatically be set to close.

  6. Tax Reports: In certain scenarios errors have been corrected in Tax Reports that were incorrectly reporting instalments.

  7. Bank Audit Confirmation: Bank Audit Confirmation will now only print for Active Accounts.

  8. PDIT: Corrections have been made to the PDIT calculations that include Capital Works.

  9. Statement of Taxable Income: Rounding errors resolved in the Statement of Taxable Income.

  10. API: Reporting and API calls for transactions that relate to Transfers from Reserves has now been resolved.

  11. Contributions Breakdown Report: The Excel export for the Contribution Breakdown Report will now display the Bring Forward Cap and downsizer contribution details.

  12. Contributions Breakdown Report: Improvements made to excel export for the Contribution Breakdown Report.

  13. Contributions Breakdown Report: Contribution Breakdown Report formatting errors when exporting to Word has been resolved.

  14. Contributions Breakdown Report: Contribution Breakdown Report not exporting dates when exporting to Word has been resolved.

  15. Mail Merge Fields: Mail Merge Fields for the Member Start Date and Reversionary details were not populating, this has now been resolved.

  16. Pension Dashboard: Pension Dashboard calculation for the Current Account Balance has been updated for Account-Based Pensions and TRIS-Retirement.

  17. Minimum required pension payment: Error resolved where the required minimum pension payment was not updating in the More Details Panel.

  18. Corporate Action - Code/Class Change: When processing a Code/Class change, SF360 will now maintain create entries system revaluation journals.

  19. Fund Workflow: Error corrected in calculating unallocated pension payments.

  20. Pension Continuation and Conversion minutes: Formatting issues have been resolved for these reports.