New Features - April 2020 Release (16/04/2020)

New Features - Economic Response to the Coronavirus

  1. Custom notes: Users now have the option to add customised notes to financial statements.

  2. New Special Condition of Release - Coronavirus Early Release of Superannuation: Users can now select this option for early access to super up to $10,000.

  3. Pension Dashboard - Minimum Pension: The minimum pension requirement in Pension Dashboard has been adjusted for FY 2020 & 2021 due to Covid 19.

  4. Pension Summary Report - Minimum Pension: The minimum pension requirement in Pension Summary Report has been adjusted for FY 2020 & 2021 due to Covid 19.

  5. Pension Transaction - Minimum Pension: The minimum pension requirement for pension payment transaction has been adjusted for FY 2020 & 2021 due to Covid 19.

New Features - Continued

  1. New Feed Management screen (Beta): A completely new look and design that lets you take control and better manage your data feeds. Some listed improvements have been outlined below:

    • Fund Summary: Users can manage all feeds for the selected fund in one screen
    • Versatile Filtering - Pre-selected filtering options and user-customised filtering across all feeds.
    • Easy one-click filters: Display a list of funds that can be set up to maximise Share Data license
    • Improved License Summary: Present a clear breakdown of license usage for Bank feeds and Share Data packs
    • Default sorting: Display feeds needing attention at the top of the list
    • Quick bank feed setup: Users can filter by ‘Supported Bank’ and easily set up any supported feeds.
    • Export Current View Report: Users can export all information based on current filters into CSV
    • Feed Processed Dates: Users can view the first and last processed date for bank feeds
  2. Workpapers: Workpaper settings can now be customised for each account at an individual fund level.

  3. User Roles: A new option has been added to enable read-only or full access to Workpapers.

  4. Integrations: Smarter SMSF Document Integration added COVID-19 Early Release Lump Sum on compassionate grounds (available from 20th April)

    • Member notice requesting early release payment as lump sum;
    • Trustee minute for payment of early release payment
    • Trustee notification to the member for early release super payment.
    • Information Memorandum


  1. Documents: We have provided a more intuitive way for you to download documents from the Documents Screen, now you will have the ability to download documents in bulk.

  2. Lodgement Status Report: Tracking Enhancements have been made to the Lodgement Status Report. You can now monitor and report on the Lodgement Date and apply filters accordingly.

  3. Pension Payment Declaration: The minimum pension amount has been updated and is now in line with the government’s economic response to Coronavirus.

  4. Workpapers: Select all buttons have been added to checklists.

  5. Workpapers: The ability to add a custom note is now available. You will have an option to select a sub-account as to which the note relates to. This allows you to identify Notes. an example which Partner may need to discuss a query with a client.
    Note Options:

    • Note
    • Client Query
    • Internal Query
    • Rework Required
    • Review Point
    • Matter for Attention - Manager
    • Matter for Attention - Partner

Errors Corrected

  1. Corporate Action: The parent unit multiplier in the AAD/AGL Merger Corporate Action screen has been corrected to one.

  2. Investment Income comparison: The report can now be generated when the income data’s payable date is null.

  3. Pension Payment Declaration: Gross pension payments for the deceased member are now correctly calculated.

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