New Features - April 2019 Release (04/04/2019)

PDF available here - April Release PDF

New Features

  1. Australian Money Market data feed fully supported in Simple Fund 360.
  2. Transfer Balance Dashboard has been updated to display and support members that are in Accumulation phase. This will provide you with the ability to track and record a member’s Total Super Balance(TSB).
  3. The BGL Investment Dashboard has added another Performance View. The Calculations are based on the Simple Dietz Method.
  4. From Fund Workflow quickly identify and manage your TBAR Event Lodgements using the advanced filters. See TBAR Lodgement Filter for more information.
  5. New Control Account has been added into the Chart of Accounts to help the treatment of cryptocurrency in the 2019 tax return (70040 - Cryptocurrency).
  6. Date selector shortcuts added to Smart Matching screen. Quickly select key dates without needing to use your mouse.


  1. Enhancements have been made to the Fund Dashboard and the Bank Statement Report to include bank balances from Wrap and Platform feeds.
  2. Fund Transfer now supports transactions coded to account 46000 - Benefits Paid/Transfers Out accounts with the Payment Type set as First home super saver scheme withdrawal.
  3. An option has been added to prepare a Deduction Notices for all members by default.
  4. User Roles - Users will now be able to separate Form Validation (AR/BAS/IAS) and lodgement from the User Role settings.
  5. Assessable Foreign Source Income will now pre-fill for International dividends.
  6. Smart Matching will also pre-fill Assessable Foreign Source Income for International dividends.
  7. Pre-fill Assessable Foreign Source Income and Foreign Income Tax Offset for auto-matched and suggested-matched dividends.
  8. Smart Matching - The Distributions Received (23800) and Partnership Distributions Received (27000) will now allow users to directly match without a review.
  9. Contribution Filters have been added to Fund Workflow to help clients monitor the 2019 Contribution Limits.
  10. Fund Workflow - TSB filter: TSB now includes the external super balance if entered in Simple Fund 360
  11. Transaction List - Simple Fund 360 will now store and remember a users preference when sorting transaction by ascending or descending date order.
  12. Distribution / Dividend Reconciliation Report - Investment name now reads from Chart of Account for consistency
  13. Simple Fund Desktop fund migration to Simple Fund 360 will now include First Home Super Saver Scheme payment data.

Errors Corrected

  1. Printing errors with the BankSA Authority Form have now been resolved.
  2. An issue with units not correct displaying on Investment Reports has now been resolved.
  3. Tax treatment for General and Investment Expenses when a fund is partly segregated has been resolved.
  4. Round on the Deferred Tax Reconciliation report has been resolved.
  5. Consolidated Members Statements Report will now generate when a comma has been inserted in the Member Financial Details section.
  6. Error messages when generating the Tax Reconciliation report has been resolved.
  7. Revaluation on investments Where there is no price recorded in the create entries financial period. Simple Fund 360 will now revalue using the last price utilised in the Investment Security List.
  8. Income tax rounding amount has been resolved for any funds that have been wound up.
  9. The Account View in Smart Matching will now allow you to clear filtered dates.
  10. Pension Support Report will pro-rata the minimum pension payment.
  11. When uploading documents for digital signing, the first director attached to a corporate trustee will now be selected by default.
  12. Corporate Action - When processing a Rights Issue the income account drop-down menu is now active when multiple income accounts have been linked to the investment.

Important Note: With 95% of clients now using Smart Matching, BGL will be discontinuing the old Transaction Matching screen in May 2019

Glad to see a separate Asset class being set up for Cryptocurrency!

Just curious, will BGL also be making daily pricing information available for any cryptocurrencies so that daily marking to market can be done? Even if it was some of the major ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple it would save us heaps of time importing this information ourselves.

Hi @Mat

Thank you for sending through this request.

We have added this to the wishlist.