New Features April 07/04/2022

New Features

  1. Custom Reports: New Variables added to Custom Reports and Letters.
    When preparing a custom report or letter, the following new variables can be used:
  • Period End Year Tax Liability – Income Tax as per the Notes to the Financial Statements.
  • Period Supervisory Levy – Supervisory Levy recorded as per the Statement of Taxable Income.
  • Instalments Paid – Total instalments paid as per the Notes to the Financial Statements.
  • Refundable Credits – Refundable Credits as per the Notes to the Financial Statements.
  • Balance Refundable – Balance Refundable/Payable as per the Notes to the Financial Statements.
  • Current Date – Displays the current date.
  • Yearly Projected Minimum Pension Account – Displays selected members’ minimum pension amounts from the pension dashboard for the following year.
  1. New Feed: New Broker added to the Contract Notes Service – Wentworth Securities. To review a complete list of supported brokers Click Here.

  2. Corporate Actions: 7 new corporate actions (Takeover/Merger) are now supported in Simple Fund 360.

  • MEP - 09 March 2022
  • SYD - 09 March 2022
  • ABR - 10 March 2022
  • AVN - 14 March 2022
  • OTW - 16 March 2022
  • PAF - 28 March 2022
  • API - 01 April 2022


  1. Addresses: We have added Google Address support in Entity Details, Contacts and Trust Tax Return screens.

  2. Feeds: Improvements have been made to the HUB24 data feed to utilise their new web service. Which will now also provide better support for HUB24 foreign share markets trades.

  3. Reports: Middle name mail merge field has been added to custom reports.

  1. Reports: Beneficiary Distribution Summary: Updated heading from “Accounting Distribution” to “Income of the Trust Estate.”

  2. Unit Valuation Report: We have increased decimal places (4 decimal places) for units in the Unit Valuation Report.

  3. Trusts: Improvements have been made to adjust how rounding is handled for Trusts in the Statement of Financial Position.

  4. Trusts: Simple Invest 360 will now automatically trigger a rounding adjustment for Net income or loss, Beneficiaries and Beneficiary not entitled.

  5. Trusts: Taxable Income Calculation: Several new manual adjustments are now available to use directly from the Trust Statement of Taxable Income screen.

  6. Unit Valuation Report: Combined same unit classes when pertaining to the same beneficiary.

  7. Trust Tax Return: Improvements have been made to updating the lodging party linked to an entity.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: The Prime Cost calculation within the Depreciation Schedule has been updated to avoid double ups with current year additions.

  2. Fixed: Fixed error where the Unrealised Capital Gains Detailed Report failed to generate in some scenarios.

  3. Fixed: Fixed the Net Earnings and Transfer In line items of the Member Statement.

  1. Fixed: 500 Error resolved when posting distributions in some scenarios.

  2. Fixed: Rounding issues fixed in the Capital Gains Schedule.

  3. Fixed: Issue fixed where custom sub-accounts were not showing when selecting a Reserve in the Trust Statement of Taxable Income screen.

  4. Fixed: Rectified issue where tax adjustments were not pre-filling in the Trust Tax Return.

  5. Fixed: Fixed Tax Return prefill error where there is no residual amount.

  6. Fixed: Rounding issues fixed in Trust Tax Return.

  7. Fixed: Fixed issue where the income streaming settings were being reversed when posting distributions.