New Features: 9th March 2023

New Features

1. Badges: With a new and improved visual design, the Badges screen has been elevated to a whole new level of user experience. Based on invaluable user feedback, the screen layout has been thoughtfully restructured to feature more effective grouping, ultimately providing a more intuitive and satisfying interaction for our users.

2. Reports: The new Investment Unit Prices Report empowers users by providing critical information on whether an investment report’s unit price is a system price or manually entered. That’s not all - the report also enables users to effortlessly discover the latest market value price for an asset within the relevant financial year or the last known price if the previous update was before the financial year.

3. Corporate Actions: 5 new notifications have been added to the corporate actions screen.

4. Feed Management Screen: New ‘Expiring Soon’ status added for provider credentials that expire on yearly basis. The software will now display a notification message to remind users to renew their credentials when the expiry date approaches.

5. BGL SmartDocs: Supported pdf files uploaded to Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 will now be automatically attached to the relevant transactions on the Smart Matching screen, with the transaction details automatically filled in, per the document.

6. BGL SmartDocs: Invoices and Receipts are now supported for AI-Assisted categorisation within the Documents screen, and when linking documents to Smart Matching. More document types are to be added soon!

7. Wraps and Platforms: A new on-demand data feed with Syla, Cryptocurrency Tax Software has been added. Syla’s data feed will import all of your client’s crypto trades, income and other crypto transactions directly into Simple Fund/Invest 360.


1. TBAR Management: With the expectation that the General Transfer Balance Cap will increase in July 2023, download a TBAR Cap Summary CSV across your entire firm to evaluate how your clientele will be affected by this increment.

2. Contribution Splitting for a Spouse: The Contribution Splitting form has been updated to the latest ATO format.

3. Downsizer Contributions: The eligible age from 1 January 2023 has been reduced to 55 years old or older in line with legislation changes.

4. Workpapers: There is now an option to lock workpapers from further edits once all individual accounts have been completed.


  1. Balance Review: The Setup option will only be displayed for ASX Listed Securities.

  2. Distribution Tax Automation now includes a tooltip that provides information about the CGT Discount Rate.

  3. Workpapers: Expanded available reports to include Capital Gains Schedule.

  4. Workpapers: The Workpaper Details screen will show all sub-accounts by default

  5. Workpapers: The system now allows the generation of Workpapers dating back up to 10 years prior to the current financial year.

  6. Entity Workflow: The updated Entity Workflow now displays and facilitates the pension and contribution data for the 2023 financial year.

  7. Entity Workflow: The Total Super Balance (TSB) filters in the entity workflow screen to have been updated to cater for the new thresholds of 1.9 million and 3 million.

  1. Create Entries: During the opening balance period, the ability to click the Create Entries button will be disabled if the fund is in this stage. Users will receive the following message instead: The fund is currently in the opening balance period. Please close the period to initiate the rollover to the next financial year.

  2. SuperStream: When rollover transactions are posted from SuperStream, the reference field will not be filled.

  1. Tax return: The Annual Tax Statement report has been updated to display the correct tax label based on the type of entity.

  2. The pre-fill logic for the Investor Details section has been enhanced to utilise the Dividends and Interest Schedule for capturing beneficial owner information.

  3. Period Compliance: Assessment Code 11 has been added for the distribution of profits to beneficiaries.

  4. Beneficiaries Screen: Revised the age calculation mechanism on the beneficiaries screen to display the age as of June 30th for the current financial year.

Errors Corrected

  • Fixed: An issue has been resolved where users were unable to remove their credentials when encountering specific errors on
  • Fixed: Customise Report page for the following reports:
    • Investment Income Report
    • Investment Performance Time Weighted Report
    • Investment Performance Simple Dietz Report
  • Fixed: Users can now edit Income/Asset Allocation for custom security without generating 500 errors.

  • Fixed: An issue has been resolved where an error occurred when updating a transaction and then amending it for Death benefits.
  • Fixed: The error message that previously appeared when the transaction screen redirected to the PAYG screen and the user did not have access has been replaced with a notification.

  • Company: Foreign Income Tax Paid Offsets / Credits entered in the more details section of 23800 and 27000 transactions are now correctly not included in labels 6E/6D “Foreign Credits from Trust/Partnerships”.
    • This applies to the Statement of Taxable Income, Tax Return, and Tax Reconciliation Report.
  • Fixed an issue in Share Trading report where code/class change was not being recorded correctly