New Feature - scanning bank statements to pdf then linking to smart matching


I watched a webinar that was hosted on the 13 August 2019.

There was a new feature mentioned that involved scanning bank statements to pdf and then being able to upload into 360 and link it to smart matching. I think the process was titled OCR.

I am trying to find the webinar to watch it again. Or if someone can tell me if this feature is available now or when this feature will be available that would be great.


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Hi Voula - I think this is a ‘coming soon’ feature. I think Matt said they were waiting until it was reliable for more bank statement formats before making it live? I’m keeping an eye out for it too :slight_smile:

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We are continuing the Machine Learning training process for this exciting new PDF/OCR solution that can read bank statements and convert them into to reliable column based input. We want to ensure we cover a reasonable number of bank statement formats before release later this year. Here is the video of the webinar if you want to have a look at this exciting new technology [Webinar] New Features August 2019.

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This sounds great Matt (particularly for the ‘senior’ members who don’t trust data transfers)!

Are BGL concentrating on the institutions that don’t currently provide bank data feeds (such as Bank of Us)?