New client- digital register

We’ve recently been approached to take on the Corporate Registry services for a client.

We’re obviously requesting that the clients physical minute book be supplied to us, do people also specifically request a copy of ay digital register they may be maintining?

Along this line- is it possible if someone sends us a folder of exported CAS documents, can we then import it into to our CAS record?

Hi @BiancaT

Thank you for your post

If the company is already on either CAS Desktop or CAS360, we can transfer this company to your account.

If it is on CAS Desktop, and you are able to get access to the .cmy file (CAS Desktop export) then we can easily migrate this to your CAS360 account for you.

If the company is on CAS360, we have a company transfer process (both parties need to agree) and we can then move the company and all history, including docs, to your account.

In the company is not on CAS Desktop or CAS360, you can always import the documents into CAS360 via the Company Documents screen, and have these saved going forward.

Hope this helps


This as great news! Thanks Warren.