NEW: Automated Document Reminders

Hi All,

In CAS360 Version 50 we have released Automated Document Reminders

Automated Document Reminders

Now when you prepare any document in CAS360 you can pre-set document reminders for your client. This includes all Company Change Documents, Annual Reviews and even Trust Documents.

Multiple reminders - You can pre-set up to 6 separate reminders for each document

When - You can select the date and time you want the reminders to be sent out

Email, SMS or Both - You can specify if you want to send reminders by email, SMS or both

Templates - You are also able to select which template you would like to use for sending the reminders

Send To - You are able to control who the reminders are sent to.

Once the reminders have been created they can be found in the new Messages -> Pending Outbox screen. From this screen you can view all pending reminders, see when reminders are going to be sent, and even change the details of the reminders or delete them.

On the Companies screen, the Companies with upcoming document deadlines with show the details of pending automated reminder.

Add Automated reminders to existing documents

You can also add Automated Document reminders to documents that have already been created. This can be done in the Documents Screen.

This is done through the Options -> Add Automatic Document Reminders

Reminders won’t be sent after lodgement

Once the document has been lodged, or changed to a lodged status (such as annual review completed) the pending reminder will be disabled for the Document and will not be sent. This is done to ensure that your clients are not being sent reminders when they have already completed the document.


Oooh, now this looks awesome!