Negative Member Component Balance

Can you please edit the programming so that when a Member has been allocated tax against a Non-Concessional (tax free) member account balance, it will take any excess amount from the Tax Free Component rather than create a member account/statement balance that is incorrect…with a -ve taxed component & an overstated Tax Free component…i.e if balance is <=0, apply balancing amount to other component.
I tried uploading an image of the details - but I keep getting an error message…so it would have looked like this from the menu option of creating a pension from an Accumulation Account: -
Rollover Components Preservation Amounts
Tax Free Component 100,000.00 Preserved 0.00
Taxable Component Restricted Non Preserved 0.00
Element taxed in the Fund -1844.05 Unrestricted Non Preserved 98,155.95

Hi Rosalie,

Thanks for your post.
Below is a help article on how to update member components.

We understand your concern, to allow us to investigate further, can you please log a support ticket, sharing fund with a consultant?

Please let us know if the issue is not resolved.