Multi-Factor Authentication in Simple Fund 360 Webinar 07/03/2019

Hey Guys

ATO has made it mandatory for all users of cloud-based software to use multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Check out this recorded webinar on how to turn on MFA in Simple Fund 360.

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Dumb idea just encourages people to leave their screen logged in all the time to avoid the inconvenience of interrupting calls when logging in and out or chasing their phone when using different work stations. Defeats the purpose of cloud computing can use the software anywhere in the world even if there is no mobile coverage but have internet. For retiree trustees that is some times the case many mountain and remote areas in the third world have internet but no mobile. What about workplaces that ban mobile phones have to leave in locker during work hours. BGL should fight against this stupidity should be trustee decision what security they think is appropriate should be no different to desktop. Maybe we should go back to desktop where we control our own destiny cloud computing just seems to encourage big brother approach.