Migration - Account transaction description different

I was concerned about the entries appearing against this asset history,

so I ran the same report from Desktop: -

I am relieved that the values are correct, but the descriptions have changed. Is this something to be concerned about? Is there an error in the migration of data…?
I can understand what has happened and that the account balance is legit, but anyone looking at this in the future will have difficulty…I was unable to send it to the third party who asked for the history.

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Hi @Rosalie,

Thanks for the post, this is a good find.

This happens due to the conversion from a single sided transaction entry system (Simple Fund Desktop) to a double sided transaction entry system (Simple Fund 360). The logic used in grouping transactions results in the narrations for one entry being used in preference to the other entries’ narrations that are part of that transaction group.

This is something that our development team are aware about and are working to create more verbose transaction narrations for migrated funds.

Thanks for the feedback!