Members Register

When I am printing registers CAS is getting thing wrong and putting things in the incorrect order or the balance column won’t be correct. It seems to get confused when more than one transaction happens on the same day. So I have to manually change the register.
Is anybody else having issues with Members/Unitholders registers? Is there a way for me to fix it permanently on my register so I don’t need to make the same changes over and over again?

I had noticed this yesterday when I printed off an historical Members Register wherein the balance column was wrong as the subscription shares were put after the transfers out - the member currently has 0 shares, but was shown as having 400,000+ due to the incorrect ordering.

Might pay to also post your message and questions in the Feedback button within CAS360 itself, as that goes directly to the development team since they might not see your post here for a while.

@stephanie @Laneth
Hi Stephanie and Laneth

Are you able to send me a message or email ( with the company name that is having this issue?

Hi @andytamBGL, I’ll try to recall what the company was and replicate the issue, then send you the email.

Hey @stephanie, I just got an email from @andytamBGL saying they’ve identified the issue and are working on it at the moment.