May 6th Webinar - Tips and Trips - Automation

Hi All,

On the 6th of May we conducted our first of 4 Tips and Tricks webinars.

This webinar was on Automation.

We do have 3 more webinars planned for May - You can register here -

May 13th - Getting the best out of CAS360
May 20th - Trust Management
May 27th - CAS360 Integrations

Questions Asked

Q: With email fails, I noticed this happens even if the email address has a “out of office” reply but when sent outside the system, they do receive it. Is the system able to differentiate “out of office” from legit fail?

A: Unfortunately all we actually received is a bounceback message, we are unable to tell at the moment any further than if there is a bounceback or not, not why the type of bounceback it is, It is something we do want to improve on once we are able to

Q: Can we turn off notifications or mark in bulk notifications such as the “Debt Updates” notifications so they dont pile up in the “Unread” section?

A: This is currently not available but it is something we are looking at adding in future releases

Q: When a client pays the ASIC fee, is the notification instant on that day or until the ASIC clears the payment?

A: We check the debt automatically daily, so it will let you know the next day, unless a new debt check for that company is lodged

Q: Is CAS360 looking at including business name registrations?

A: It is something we are looking into for the future.

Q: Does the Auto check/auto re-request sent mean that an automatic email is sent to the company to request the Annual Review fee?

A: The Auto re-request is there to make sure the annual company statement comes through to CAS360. It will bring the annual review fee as part of that so it can be sent to the client.

Q: If I have an automatic reminder set for a client’s annual review, does this reminder automatically clear when the client pays the fee or will I need to manually delete the reminder?

A: It should clear once they sign the Solvency resolution and you mark the Annual Review as Complete

Q: Why do contacts who are not clients of our firm but are shareholders or members of our company clients in CAS360 flow through to Xero XPM as clients?

A: The integration was developed so you have 1 contact list across XPM, CAS360 and SF360. We are working on ways that will allow you have more control over who is added to XPM.

Q: Can notifications or a digest summary of notifications be pushed to an email address, rather than us logging into CAS360 each time?

A: This is actually in the process of being developed at the moment and will be released in the next couple of releases

Q: Is there an option to import postal addresses into CAS? The addresses listed in the database relate only to street addresses, not postal addresses for clients.

A: Yes, CAS360 does have a postal address option for every company.

Q: How To add your own invoice into the annual review pack?

A: You can upload a document directly into the document pack as part of it being processed, this is next to the download and send buttons

Q: Can you automate document reminders?

Yes you can Automated Document Reminders – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre

Q: Is there the ability to have casual names for directors in CAS360? The letter template picks up formal names registered with ASIC and we have to manually change the name manually on the letter, before sending out reviews.

A: Hi Chris, we don’t have a casual name field just yet for contacts in CAS360, it is on our list of features to add in the future and it will have codes that can go into documents and emails when it is ready

Q: Is there a way to send multiple debt reminders to clients in one email? For example one of our clients has 15 subsidiaries or so, and it can be time consuming to do.

A: it is company specific at the moment, so each would have its own. Each company will have its own specific debt balance and BPay details.

Q: Also is there a way to set up automatic debt reminders? or is this in the process of being created at all?

A: Not yet, but we are adding this in over the next few releases

Q: can you add the reminders after the document has actually been sent?

A: Yes, you can add in reminders through the documents screen, by clicking options next to the document and choosing reminders

Q: Can we send the docusign from our own email address rather than CAS 360 email?

A: The email address cannot be changed but the “Sender Name” can be changed in the Email Settings screen in CAS360

Q: Are we able to view these webinars online?

A: Yes :wink: BGL’s YouTube channel has all our webinars. Hours of fun!

Q: In regards to Annual Reviews that are sent using the DocuSign method - if the status in global documents is “DocuSign Signed by Client on date…” am I then supposed to be changing that status to lodged?

A: It would be best if you changed the status to Annual Review Complete

Q: If you download Annual Review docs rather than emailing them via Docusign directly, what status should the document be set to in order for the alerts to still show up. Currently I have review docs with amount owing but they are not showing up in the Reviews tab and there is no alert showing in the Company tab.

A: If you download the documents the status will be ‘Prepared’ this will ensure that the Annual Review Alert works.

Q: How many years do we need to keep the printed signed annual review documents. we have quite a few that go back a number of years. If you can’t answer where can I go to find out?

A: You can keep within CAS360 are stored permanently. You do not need to keep hard copies, except for the signed form 362.

Q: What phone number appears when you send a message off CAS360?

A: 0488 844 334

Q: Do you mean send them to just one client email address or can that email address be mine. I want them all to be emailed to me first so I can mark them with adobe sign and send them

A: At the moment you can always choose for these to be emailed to yourself, however we are releasing an Adobe Sign integration very soon :wink:

Q: Cheers for today, what date was the trust management webinar again?

A: 20th May

Q: Warren, is there a chance we can receive a copy of these questions and the relevant answers, some of these are definitely queries that I have?

A: Abracadabra :grinning:

Q: If Annual Review documents are received back by a method other than using DocuSign, should I be changing the status to lodged?

A: For Annual Review documents, you can change the status to “Annual Review Complete”

Q: What happens if a client decides to ring the number from the sms?

A: It comes up with an error message when dialing, I accidentally dialed it :joy:

Q: Does the automatic reminders contain a link to signing or do they need to go back to the original email? The document deadline reminder template doesn’t seem to have a link ‘non automatic’?

A: If the initial document was sent with digital signing on, then the email will have the same digital signing link, if there is no digital signing the email will be sent with the documents attached

Q: Where can i watch the templates webinar?

A: Webinar: CAS 360 Templates 30/04/2020

Q: Thanks for answering my question and sorry if I missed this in your presentation but how do I toggle on the blue alert toggle as noted in the live answer? I did already activate the toggle in the Document Production stage which is called Track the annual review via the document deadline alert and it still doesn’t seem to highlight the alerts in the Company screen.

A: Annual Review Deadline Alert – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre

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