May 20th Webinar - Tips and Tricks - Trust Management

Hi All,

On May 20th we recorded a CAS360 Tips and Tricks webinar on Trust Management

Here is the recording - Enjoy!

Questions Asked

Q: Will you be adding the option for ‘Bare’ Trust

A: This will actually be added as part of our big upcoming trusts improvements release

Q: Are there plans to add tax deferred distributions?

A: This can be only done with discretionary distributions, we will add income tax components to the wishlist of the unit distributions.

Q: If subscription is for 100 companies for example, will trust will be counted towards number of companies in subscription?

A: No it will not be counted towards the number of companies. Trusts are free in CAS360

Q: Can the distribution resolution pick up the deed and amendments history automatically?

A: Not at this stage, this is something we can add to the wishlist

Q: To refer to specific sections of the Deed that specify income streams in the minute/resolution still requires exporting to Word?

A: At this stage this still requires export to MS work, unless you create a document template that references the specific sections

Q: Hi Warren, have been using the unit trust transactions for a long time. very useful, love these.

A: Thanks for the love!

Q: is there a place that i can recorded the earlier vesting date

A: The vesting date will be able to input in the trust details tab, it is once you go into the trust from the trust selection screen

Q: Can i print a detail report for each trust

A: A Trust report, similar to the company report is planned for end of June 2020 release

Q: I had someone start to enter the Trusts for us in CAS360 and have added some of the names inconsistently - is there a way to change the CASE/Case name of the Trust please?

A: We can run a process for updating all your data to uppercase, if you log this through the support call feature we can help with this process

Q: Like the individual trustees. How will this flow through to shareholding in companies?

A: These will be linked at a contact level. So will allow reporting and where the company is a trustee these will also link to the trustee compnay directors for signing documents.

Q: will there be the opportunity to do the docs to vest a deed?

A: This is planned for 2H of 2020. Stay tuned

Q: Do you also have the Deed of Retirement and Appointment to support the change? We normally do these through our lawyers.

A: Not at this stage, however we will look to add a template for this

Q: When we do a change of trustee, we organise for a legal deed of amendment document. Will CAS create this aswell?

A: A: Not at this stage, however we will look to add a template for this

Q: How far away is BGL from being able to link Trust Relationships to XPM rather than us manually entering them all in? Currently all setup in XPM so would save time if we didnt need to do again in CAS

A: We would like to develop this.

Q: Are the new trust document packs going to be connected to an external legal documents provider (or providers) or are they a standalone thing that will be maintained by BGL independently?

A: CAS360 is an open platform. We have developed Trust APIs to allow Document Providers to access this information.

Q: What about generating a minute for a trust event such as a loan into the trust?

A: Coming Soon… :wink:

Q: Can a copy of the executed Deed be uploaded to CAS360?

A: Yes, all documents for trusts can be uploaded and stored in CAS360