May 13th Webinar - Tips and Tricks - Handy Tips

Hi All,

On the 13th of May we conducted our second of 4 Tips and Tricks webinars.

This webinar was on Handy Tips

We do have 2 more webinars planned for May - You can register here -

May 20th - Trust Management
May 27th - CAS360 Integrations

Questions Asked

Q: Hi. I missed last weeks webinar. Is it available to view anywhere?

A: It is available in the CAS360 Community : CAS360 - May 6th Webinar - Tips and Trips - Automation

Q: Annual reviews sent though CAS. Is there a record showing date Annual review was emailed to clients?

A: If you use the email process through CAS 360 then this will be stored in the outbox in the messages screen

Q: Can I preview the reminder email prior to clicking Send?

A: Yes, before you send any email you can preview the email and make one off changes. You also have the ability to edit the email templates - video here …

Q: Who does the SMS say it is from?

A: SMS is from a phone number ( 0488 844 334) However you have full control over the text, where you can add the firm name via a merge field.

Q: If I’m running Suitefiles and getting documents signed electronically through it, how does that interact with sending emails with documents attached directly from within CAS360?

A: We are currently working on our integrations with SuiteFiles and we will have further information with this soon

Q: Will our existing SMS system intergrate with BGL?

A: No, the CAS360 SMS system is a separate system

Q: Will there be a webinar or other information on how to use Adobe sign with CAS when it comes out?

A: Yes there will be, these will be on the youtube channel as well to watch at any time

Q: Can you get the ASIC fee to SPLIT OUT and go direct to the Billing contact.

A: Not at this stage, however it is on the wishlist

Q: Any syncronisation being delevoped for Contacts emails/mobile numbers from Microsoft Outlook “Contacts” (similar to XPM)?

A; At the moment no, but it is something we can look into

Q: How do you add billing contact?

A: In the Companies Details screen, click on Company contacts, Add Billing contact - Don’t forget to click save.

Q: When processing an Annual Return, will it automatically send the solvency resolution to directors and bill to the billing contact or does the whole package go to both?

A: It will be sent as one group of documents

Q: Annual reviews - can they be set up so only 1 director has to sign? Currently its asks for all directors email to be input.

A: Yes, you are able to control the solvency document via the Options button, if you only want one signature change this to a ‘minute’

Q: If the signing contact and billing contact is the same person, do we still need to set up both category in CAS 360?

A: If you are manually adding them in then they will individually added to this screen, the system will create them automatically for you though if they are bent sent to

Q: If you change the form signatory on an annual review, will it keep that person selected or do you have to change it every year?

A: If you change the status in the officers screen to be signatory, then they will be picked up for future years and documents.

Q: Does CAS360 have enough storage space to store all corporate records for a particular company all in one place? including company certificate, constitution?

A: Yes this can be stored all in CAS 360, note when uploading we currently have a 10mb limit on the individual files that get uploaded into the system

Q: Do you have to have “signing contact” and “billing contact” entered in the Company Details screen?

A: No, by default all documents will go to the company directors.

Q: Is there a way to ADD docusign Fields to manual documents you add to the email

A: At this stage no, this cannot be done

Q: How do we know once the partner/manager have reviewed documents, do we get a notification through CAS, saying rejected/approved?

A: Yes, this is all done via your notifications - more info here - Document Review – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre

Q: When preparing the documents and in the Solvency Resolution you can either choose “minutes” or “resolution” type when we first used this when choosing “minutes” when sending via docusign it wasn’t dating the minutes when they returned and this was only being done when choosing “resolution” has this been fixed now and it is dating the minutes & resolution?

A: You can click on Options next to the Solvency Resolution and change the date format from ‘ / / ‘ to ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ and it should fill in the document date for you

Q: Can you advise when integration with Adobe Sign will be available?

A: A few weeks, early to mid June

Q: how do you set up the Xero integration?

A: Information can be found here - BGL and Xero Practice Manager (XPM) Integration – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre

Q: Can i make a trust distribution from CAS360

A: Yes, this will be covered in next weeks webinar - Unit Trust Distributions – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre

Q: Will there be a webinar on contacts, or has there been one already? I inherited a system with multiple contacts where one is the Shareholder and the other is the director and they are the same person. Is there a way to merge these without having to generate a ton of paperwork for the client to sign?

A: There wont be a webinar on contacts, however details on merging contacts can be found here - How to consolidate duplicate contacts – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre