Market Value of Investments

I have entered the opening balances of investments at 30/06/2021 - do I need to do a revalue or will that just occur from 1 July 2021? Bit confused as to why I need to do a revaluation as I thought this would be done automatically from 1 July 2021 when all investment information is uploaded into BGL? Any advice please?

Hey @StellarAccounts

When setting up a fund you must enter a journal to adjust your investment accounts up (or down) to their recorded market value (Market Value less Original Cost Price).

The manual revaluation of investments is only required when entering opening balances. This is a once-off process.

Going forward Investments will be automatically revalued daily or during the create entries process. It’s also important to note that when setting up a fund you do not create entries in the setup period.

Check out Simple Fund 360 Level One Training Manual for more information:

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