Mail Merge codes in Custom Letters/Documents

Is there any notes, info etc on the correct way to use the codes within custom documents?

I started doing it and ended up with a heap of errors (the report didn’t generate at all). I thought I’d do some testing: I uploaded a number of simple docs with a single code under different scenarios.

The one that worked had a single code on a line with no other text before or after it. The rest returned errors. Is this correct, or is there a syntax to allow embedding codes inside a block of text (for example)?

Hi Mikey,

Welcome to the community and thanks for your question.

I believe you are talking about customising documents. There should not be any specific syntax per se in enabling the text. Please refer to this help article Customising the Template for an Existing Report – Simple Fund 360 Knowledge Centre and hopefully it helps.

If issues persist, we would advise you to log a support call.


Thanks for the reply Eric.

I have already viewed said article, plus I believe there’s one other that is on that topic, however neither address this issue.

It would seem that codes can only be used on their own, and on their own line, and cannot be used in connection with other text (such as (eg) "name: "), or even embedded in a paragraph.

The standard reports and letters from SF seem to point toward this, as well as the small experiment I conducted.

Can anyone confirm or deny?

Hi Mikey,

I have just run a few tests, inserting merged field «${FundName}» into the middle of a sentence and it displays as expected. I believe it has something to do with how you paste the field. When pasted into Word, please right click and select “Merge formatting” under Paste Options.

Please try it again and trust it would work.


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