Magellan conversion MGE to MGOC

Hello BGL - Please create a Corporate Action for the 1.51923379 MGOC received in exchange for every 1 MGE effective on 8th December 2020 - I want rollover relief from Capital Gains Tax and there have been a number of purchases over many years. Can I find the Cost of Shares in BGL Simple Fund 360 ?
My MGE shows BGL last had a value of $3.87 on 27/11/2020 - Thanks

Hello @GregNSmith,
Thank you for your post.

The Magellan restructure is already supported in our Corporate Action function.

Please navigate to the Corporate Action screen, if you have a holding for MGE you will notice a notification of MGE ( corporate action type = Merger / Takeover)

Please note that you will need to create a new investment account for MGOC

All other data will be pre-filled by system.

Please let me know if you have any issue.

Hello AnnaT

Completed BUT MGOC.AX now shows under the Investment Code - 78300 and Units in Listed Unit Trusts (Overseas) - I understand that MGOC is an Australian Listed Unit Trust that holds mainly overseas investments - Should it be shown as Units in Listed Unit Trusts (Australian) ?
Greg N Smith

Hi @GregNSmith,

Iā€™m not sure why the 78300 control account is picked up when you created MGOC.
When creating a new investment account, you have the option to select the relevant account class.
For ASX listed investments, the default class is 77600 - Shares in listed companies (Australian)

If the investment account is only attached to 1 fund, you can try using Transaction Recode to re-classify the control account to 78200. Let me know how you go.


Thanks Anna Tran and BGL for prompt, accurate and useful advice.
I had never used Transaction Recode before.
Greg N Smith

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