Macrovue .... difficult processing

anyone here processed Macroview reports?
there is a combined USD and AUD transaction report listing sales and purchases and FX transactions. (no running balance)
There is another USD report, running balance in USD…mutli-ine entries for the one transaction e.g for a dividend…withholding tax shown a separate line in USD, for a FX transaction the transaction is shown in USD on this report…then the commission on the transaction is shown in AUD.
There is a AUD report, running balance in AUD, sold shares in AUD, separate line for GST, separate line for Commission.
anyone else experienced reports like this?

I have processed Macrovue. I don’t recall the problems you outlined, however, I did find a discrepancy in the asset values between what Macrovue and Simple Fund shows as at 30 June. I found that Simple Fund values were a little less than Macrovue’s. I used the values supplied by Simple Fund.

I have difficulties processing the Macrovue report. The client had even more currencies (8 currencies). Have you done, can you share a bit of tips on what you did? Thank you.

The report includes 25 pages of investment transactions with 8 currencies.