LISTO paid to an industry fund shows as "Over cap" in SF360

I have a member of an SMSF who receives a LISTO contribution from the government most years, but also has a total superannuation balance over $1.6m. In past years the LISTO (which is excluded from the TSB cap) went into the SMSF and was assigned to its category without a problem.
In FY22 the LISTO was paid to the industry fund, so on the Contribution Dashboard I created an external non-concessional contribution which creates an Over Cap warning on the dashboard, which is incorrect as the LISTO is not counted against the TSB cap.
It seems there should be another category in the External Contributions drop down for “Non-Concessional - Exempt”. The same thing applies to other exempt contributions, like Downsizer and Covid-19.
Is this a known issue being worked on?

I’ve never heard that LISTO is excluded from the TSB, do you have a source for this?
Does this mean we should be tracking lifetime LISTO amounts?

I am not saying LISTO contributions are excluded from TSB - they are included in a member’s TSB when received.
My point is that a LISTO can be received as a non-concessional contribution by someone who exceeds the TSB cap, without SF360 giving me an “over cap” warning.

Hi Shocker,

Thanks for your comments.

The team will review the non-concessional contribution (exempt) scenario and add it to our wishlist.