List of email addresses for each Client

NZ Companies Office clients.

It would be really helpful to have a type of annual return listing report which lists the company name, contact name and email address the return will be emailed too. Just that staff have requested this type of report and I cannot provide as they wish to check the email address attached to the client for sending in CAS is current. Currently its impossible to do this but maybe somebody knows how to?

I am not sure if this is helpful. For that kind of document, we’re currently working off the Director ID list from CAS360 - Reports which give sus company name, ACN, director (including personal address and DOB), and e-mail address.

Thank you for the reply but I am located in NZ and that report does not contain any information under the Director ID report. I wish to be able to obtain a report which lists the Company name, Signing contact name and the email linked to that signing contact so I can view who I am sending too. BGL staff did extract one for me which was great but if we could obtain one ourselves this would be very helpful.

Hi @posted

Thanks for your post!

I believe one of our legends from the CAS Product Team has been in touch and was able to provide you with a database extract.

If you require further assistance please reach out.


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