Latrobe Financial - 12 Month Term Investment

Considering investing in this interest bearing product.
Not completely sure what type of account to create for it.
Would it be “Other Investments - 76100” or something else?
Anyone had any experience with this product?
It’s not a “bank” - so no asx listing and no BSB - so probably not a candidate for data feed - question to BGL.

I would use Account 72400 - Fixed Interest Securities (Australian)

Thanks for your comment.

Its Funds Management. I would use 74700.

I originally thought that - but changed my mind because 74700 does not have a linked account for Interest, only Div and Dist.

I would use Account 72400 - Fixed Interest Securities (Australian) also - it is similar to a term deposit investment from what I can see that just pays interest on a regular basis, no other distributions.

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Thank you. I think that might be the right answer.

Its a simple process to edit 74700 in the Chart of Accounts and add a new linked account for Income then select 25000 - Interest. This treatment better classifies the investment in the Balance Sheet.

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