Labels- Filtering by clients *without* a particular label

Good afternoon all,

Apologies if this has been covered already. Does anyone know if it’s possible to filter by clients without a particular label?

At the moment we are going through a massive housekeeping process, checking client details against our other databases, updating meeting, postal addresses etc. I’ve added a label to mark off when a client has been completed- I’m working through them when their annual reviews are falling due (the upcoming review tab is a great help for this!), but if I need to do any other changes I’ll do the housekeeping process at this stage.

Down the track, it will be helpful if I could request to filter by those clients who don’t have the “Housekeeping Completed” label. And I’m sure their would be other areas this feature would come in handy down the track as we use labels more and more within our practice.

Secondary side question re labels, is there anywhere within the client record we can see labels other than on the main company search screen?

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Hey Bianca,

You can see all the places that Labels have been mentioned here (I just searched the forums here)

However, I don’t believe your particular questions have been asked here yet.

So, I’ll try. I’m no BGL staffer, so someone there might have a better response :stuck_out_tongue:

For the first question, I believe that it has been requested that we can filter companies that have “no filter” for exactly that, housekeeping. I’m currently on a massive overhaul process of our label system, and agree that being able to filter companies outside of the label system would be handy, but at this stage I believe this is the main system they’re going with, so for my purposes I’m working within those confines.

I think that, for most of the available reports, you should be able to generate an Excel version of the report, which you can then filter and arrange there, and then lay it side-by-side with CAS and apply the filters as needed. That being said, a batch processing / update area or process for postal/mailing/other addresses and details would be fantastic, especially if we could pre-select the companies from a list rather than applying to all in a group, etc.

As for your secondary question about labels, I cannot personally see another area besides the home screen (COMPANY) and the filters to the left there that displays the labels.
Would you be wanting them to show up somewhere else when you click into a company? Like the General Details area, or maybe Company Info?
Why would you want to see the labels elsewhere? I’m sure it would be handy, but I’m blanking on a purpose beyond the initial sorting in the companies screen.



Thanks for your response Laneth.

Sometimes I’ve found when working on a client, it would be handy to view the labels so I can see communication preferences without having to go back to the main page, or when I’m completing housekeeping tasks to update the appropriate labels when in the client record. Probably on the company info page would be my instinctive place to look for it.

I do need to have a play more in the reporting screen to see what I can do, thanks for the tips there.

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My pleasure Bianca.

It would absolutely be handy to have those details within the General Details screen so that we didn’t have to go back-and-forth, or have multiple tabs/windows open just for that task.

I just mocked this up to see what it could look like, and I reckon it would be an awesome add-in to make it easy to add labels - especially when setting up a new company or adding a new client, so you can add the labels at the same time you add the Signatory, Manager, Partner, etc.

You’ll also see I added a button in the top-right of the same page which would allow us to export a company report from within the company detail itself, rather than having to go to Reports, with the standard PDF and Word options. Something we’ve been asking for for a little while now.

If you do have any questions about the reports area or anything else, feel free to ask here and one of us here will get back to you pretty quickly. :stuck_out_tongue: