Labels dropping off /deleted from list

Hi just wondering if anyone has had their labels drop off.
I noticed one of our larger clients had all the labels drop off his entities, pain in the neck having to reattached. It had actually been deleted from the list which i though was impossible if it was attached to a company.

We have been experiencing the same issue. It has happened on a number of occasions and BGL are yet to provide a solution to this. It is becoming a real concern. This has a massive impact on our filters and managing our client database. This puts the integrity of our data in question and I find myself double checking our groups constantly. Is there anybody else that has experienced this or maybe believes that they have accidentally deleted labels?

Hi @Nucara and @evolpe

At this stage, when deleting a label, it will remove the label that is attached to companies. However, I’ve passed this as feedback to the Product Team to implement a fix.