Keeping Details Private

Hi All!

Does anyone know if there any options available to keep company officeholder/shareholder details 100% private? I’ve spoken to ASIC in the past to no avail, but hoping something may have changed!

Alternatively, is there a dummy address I could use? I am tempted to put down ASIC’s office address, but not sure that lodgement will get through :rofl:

In short, I have a client with an aggressive stalker, and trying to find some kind of workaround to keep address details secure. We don’t really want our office address down either, to avoid any possible confrontations.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Hi @KimS

ASIC do have the ability for an address to be suppressed

More information can be found here

Hope this helps, any questions please let me know


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Oh this is perfect! Thank you - will have a chat with the client :slight_smile:

Hi Kim,

I’ve had to do a few of these over the years. Suppression needs to be granted through the Electoral Commission (AEC) first. Silent Electors - Australian Electoral Commission
Once this is granted, you then need to apply to ASIC for a suppression of residential address or using an alternate address.

Hope this helps