Is there a way to restore the share registry?

Hi All,

Is there a way to restore the share registry in case you miss the entire registry? Is there back up of any way to restore it? I understand as CAS it is a cloud system it should has a back up, right?

Hi @pvanni

CAS360 does have a backup of the data but it works as a screenshot of the entire database.
To just restore one company within the database is not really possible due to this.

With the shareholdings no longer being there we do have warnings when they are getting cleared by both manually deleting them or overwriting the data with an RA72.
If this data was migrated, we could potentially look at migrating that particular company up to CAS360 again, but any work in regards for just that one company in terms of documents or other changes will no longer be there.

Kind Regards
Jeremy Hofsteede