Investment value in Statement of Financial Position


I am getting cost value of investment in the Statement of Financial Position. Is it an issue with set up? How can i get market value of investment in the Statement of Financial Position. My entries are correct as investment report shows correct amount of cost price and market price of investments. Thanks

Hey @Nodan,

It seems like the revaluations haven’t happened.

Try reversing and recreating entries and see how that goes.

Thanks Steve

I tried to reverse and recreate entries but the value didn’t change.

Actually i am trying to get my opening balance for 2017-18 right. In respect of Investment, my opening statement of financial position 2017-18 does not tally with closing statement of financial position 2016-17 as 2016-17 closing investment balance is valued at market value where as value i am getting in 2017-18 opening statement of financial statement is CGT cost price. I think i have recorded investment history correctly as previous year’s closing and current year’s opening investment report reconciles.

System start date is 01/07/2017 and i have recorded all opening balances manually dated on 01/07/2017.

Please advice how i can fix it or is it meant to be that way?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Nodan,

I’ll get one of our support consultants to get in touch with you, sounds like something may have been lost when entering opening balances.


Hi Nodan,
I have a similar problem to yours. Has the problem been fixed