Investment Opening Balances - Notional Gains - How to Enter?

When Journalling Investment Opening Balances when on-boarding a fund how are the CGT Reset Notional Gains entered?


When Entering opening balances for investments with deferred notional gains, You can use the BGL Excel (XML) Import, This can be entered in to the Investment opening balances tab.

Please refer to the help article below

Thx. The question however was how to enter when on-boarding the fund via the usual Journalling process.

The answer from BGL support this morning is that entry of Notional Gains via Journalling of opening balances, per the training materials, is not supported.

So, then the question is - if the Notional Gains have to be tracked manually for each fund is there a mechanism to override the cgt calc when the affected holdings are sold? Probably, but I haven’t delved into that yet.


Thanks JD, Unfortunately you can’t journal in the notional gain for investment parcel when entering opening balances. The only method we have at the moment is to use the BGL Excel Import to enter in the investment purchase parcel history. As long as the notional gain is entered through the above method provided you don’t need to override the CGT calc’s when the holdings with notional gains are sold.