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I am in the process of preparing documentation for the auditor and was intending to include the Investment .Strategy Comparison Report. In examining the report the holdings shown bear no resemblance to our actual holdings. Our “Australian Fixed Interest” are shown as “Other” and units held with an Australian Trust are shown as “International Shares”. Not one of my "Asset Types"appear to be within min/max! I had a look at the Investment Dashboard and the value of investment categories are correct. A Help search gives me a partial answer in that only unitised TDs are included in AFIs but no explanation is given as to why this is the case. Advice is given about transferring the Td to unitised which is contrary to the advise I was given when transferring to 360! Bottom line is that the Investment Strategy Comparison Report is of no value and including it for the auditor would only create questions. Have I got this right?

Hi Leslee,

We found the same and do not utilise this report. We have also uploaded our old investment strategy template as a custom document and tend to just use that if Trustees request a format that they can modify for investment strategy purposes.

We also opted not to use unitised investment charts for bank accounts and term deposits as it seemed odd, however realised after the fact that it would affect the investment comparison reports.

Hi Leslee,

We use this report often. To fix this issue you need to go into the actual investment via the “Investment Securities List” screen, select “Edit” next to your investment and give it an “Asset Allocation” ie; Aus Fixed Int 100%, then save and it will appear on your comparison report correctly.

Hope this helps you in future.

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Hi Christina,
let me start by writing that I sincerely appreciate your advice but I ran in to a problem when I tried to act upon it.
All the “Investment Securities List” items in our fund are only those on the ASX. No Bank Accounts,TD or Unit Trusts appear . I have gone to the Help screen and it appears I need to manually add all the other investments and give them a data feed source as “manual” and select an investment type. It is interesting that we have data feed for our bank accounts but they don’t appear.
Thank you,again for your advice, I now have to decide if the Report is worth the effort!

No problems Leslee, sorry it’s not working out!

If you decide to keep progressing with it - we created a single “cash” investment security that we can use across all Funds for their TD’s to save us having to create hundreds of “cash” or “term deposit” securities in our list. You do still need to add in the TD’s to the Fund’s investment list manually, but it might save you a little bit of time.

Good luck!


We have sometimes fixed this by utilising this tip from the help screen:

If investments are showing as “Other” link them to a tag in the Chart of Accounts. Select the account, select tag and choose the correct category.

Hope this helps.

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The above link is broken…

Any update on when this can be fixed?

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