Investment code

Hi Team,

I have a unit trust that somebody has assigned their own random code rather than using for example QOZ.AX from the ‘securities’ list when adding it as a new investment. I now want to assign the QOZ.AX code but I get the message ‘Investment code already exists for another investment’. How do I fix this problem?


Hi Kitty,

It sounds like the investment account QOZ.AX has already been added to the Global Chart of Accounts, however it’s not attached to the fund currently selected.

I would recommend checking the chart of accounts in Global View to find the investment account, then from here you can attach the investment account already added for QOZ.AX to the fund:

Once the investment account is attached to the fund, you can either:

  • Edit the existing transactions recoding them to QOZ.AX
  • If the investment is non-unitised, simply credit the old investment and debit QOZ.AX
  • If the investment is unitised, use the Share Code/Class Change corporate action to move the units and balance of the investment to QOZ.AX

If you have any further issues with this feel free to let us know!