Input bring forward contribution for opening balance fund

Hi there,
When input data for opening balance fund, I would like to add historical non concessional contribution that made from previous years to keep track the bring forward cap.
Would you please advise how to do this?
Many thanks

We also would like to see this functionality!

Hi @Arena and @AxiomSuperSolutions,

To record historical non concessional contributions, you will need to do the following:

  1. Open up the fund year to include the period when the contribution was made.
  2. Record the contribution for the member, placing the balancing entry against 49000 - Profit allocation account:
Account Debit Credit
Profit/Loss Allocation - 49000 $190,000
Contributions - 24200 $190,000
  1. Enter in opening balances as usual

If the personal non concessional contribution exceeds the annual cap, this will trigger the bring forward cap. To ensure that this has been processed correctly, take a look at the Contributions Dashboard and Contributions Breakdown Report to see the member’s position in regards to the non concessional bring forward cap