Incorporation Integrations

Does CAS360 have examples of Constitutions and Trusts Deeds created through their integrated partners?

Our firm is starting to look at using these integrations but are unwilling to consider it without seeing an example of their product.

Is this something that CAS has or do we need to reach out to these companies directly? I vague remember hearing something about it at the last CAS Masterclass.

Hi @Kate_G

Thank you for your post

At this stage we’re still working with the providers to have a link to a sample, hopefully we can have this in the product soon.

For now - SmarterSMSF have provided a link to their sample here

Hopefully we have the other providers samples soon


Thanks Warren, I’ll look out for them when available.

We use a company that integrates with CAS and I have to say it is a great experience to come back to CAS and have it all already integrated.