Importing Share Data using XML Import template - how hard can it be?

I have just bought SF360 and want to use it for the 2017/18 year. Before I start setting that up I need to enter all my opening balances for my shares which go back over 10 years. I understand that I need to load the transactions with a transaction date of 30/6/17 and with the contract and settlement dates of when they were originally acquired. I have a lot of Dividend Reinvestment acquisitions so multiple records for each company eg NAB. I am bringing these in from an Access database that I wrote so I can easily write it to the Excel spreadsheet if I only know what I am meant to be doing! I put some entries in Investment_OpeningBal sheet and I created the transaction file and imported it and they appeared. However, I am getting a red triangle with a ! in status saying “Transaction not yet matched”. I would like to know the answer in non-accountants language as to where I create those matching transactions in the bank file presumably. Do I need a matching transaction in the Transaction_File sheet of the XML Import Excel workbook and if so what do I match it to? It does not seem to have appropriate fields.
I think I may be complicating it by not being n the right year. Please can anyone give me some simple tips? I could write the software if I knew what I had to do so using it should not be so hard! Perhaps I had better go and study accounting!

Hi @StephenE,

Not too hard we hope!

For recording opening balances, there’s no need to worry about the transactions being unmatched, as you are just recording the opening balances for the fund.

As long as the net amounts to all clearing accounts are zero, the opening balances will be recorded correctly.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Steve. I am sure that will help heaps!

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