Import Broker's csv for client using IB

I have a client using IB platform for share trading which not support by BGL. So i have to import broker csv file by using BGL template (it took me long time to do this because IB’s reports are just very very hard to read in USD), but after import hundreds of deals, all deals dr/cr into “94910 investment Movement Data Clearing Account” instead of going to “60400 IB bank account”. Now I have to manually correct each transaction. Can some one advice a better way of doing this? IB platform does not actually have bank csv to import so I was hoping broker csv import dr/cr IB bank account that I created.

Interactive Brokers reports are shocking.

You are better off recording directly from there annual tax reports rather than using the CSV file upload, it takes time to understand the reports buts so far I have found that is the easiest way.

Hi Thanks for replying. Just like to ask when you record directly from annual tax report, do you mean just enter GJ for the total CGT gain/loss in one journal? This clients had hundreds of activities in IB.

Trying to reconcile all the CSV transactions after uploading it into SF360 is very messy & confusing…

Yes, recording the totals from the IB annual tax report as a single journal entry from my experience is easier.

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