Hybrid Fund & Actuarial Certificate Interface

Can you please tell me if the interface to Accurium now works automatically ? In the past I have always had issues with the automatic feed not working when the fund has a mix of Pension and Accumulation member accounts.


Can we please get a response on this request ?


Hi @BandC01,

The certificate process does support a mix of Pension and Accumulation accounts as this is what 99% of certificates will have.

Are you receiving an error message ?

Hi Jeevan,
I pushed my 2019 year end across to Accurium which interfaced across ok but had two pension commencements on the 1/7 & 2/7 whereas the BGL member statement indicated a start date of the 3/7. Matt at Accurium manually consolidated the two as per the BGL member statement but I would have thought he should have used the 3rd.

Happy to give you more information if you give me your email address.

The member’s statement will display the start date from the account on the member’s screen. The Actuarial process will send to the Actuary the transaction dates.

I’m happy for you to share more details with me JTokhi@bglcorp.com.au