Hub24 Account Issues


I have a client that has a Hub24 wrap account.
The investments were already split out amongst accounts 747 & 776 from 2017.

For 2018 I created a CSV file and imported approx. 900 transactions.
It has taken around a day & a half to process as a lot of the transactions are buying & selling many different investments such as units in Platinum International Fund & CBA shares etc

How have other people been dealing with clients that have a Hub24 account?

Thank you

If the $1.6 million cap issues don’t affect this super fund, I would consolidate all the investments into one 74700 Managed fund investment called Hub24 - then input the tax statement items into the 23800 Distributions Received account

The tax statement should have the total income, capital gains and expenses,etc information for you to input for the financial year.


Hub24 now has auto feeds which might make life easier.

Hi, what bank account details are people using to connect the Hub 24 feed?
i.e BSB and Account number
I spoke with Hub 24 and they said that there is only a universal bank account and not a specific individual bank account

Just thought I will check. How is everyone finding the HUB24 issues? Has anyone got a situation where your client has HUB24 via a FP? How has everyone been reconciling the shares within HUB24? The feeds seem to have a lot of issues and don’t really reconcile with the statements. Very tedious! Anyone found a good way out of this?