How to fill in 'Return of Capital' form

I have been asked to do a ‘Return of Capital’ (I am not an accountant & I need to do a Return of Capital for one of the Companies my Accounting Firm looks after), because no one here has ever done this before, no one here can help me on what details I enter where.
In the Number of Shares - does it have to be the same amount of shares the member holds? Say they hold 50,000 shares do I enter 50,000 here or ?
and Capital Returned Per Share - how do I figure out what this is?
Capital Reduction Type - How do I know which one to select?
Details I have been give are:- Member holds 50,000 -
Share Capital return/Amount Paid - 2372.27
New Shares Held - 47,627.73 -
Have I been given the correct information to do the Return of Capital? & if I have, what numbers do I enter where on the form? If they haven’t given me the information I require, would you be able to tell me what information I need to ask them to provide to me to enter into which sections.

It depends on how they want to do the return of capital.

If they want the cost of the shares to be reduced, then you will need to enter 0.0474454 in the capital returned per share section. ($2,372.27 / 50,000). This will devalue the shares from say $1 to $0.9525546 per share.

As we don’t devalue shares, I find it easier to just produce a minute with the following wording:
Return of Capital: In accordance with the Constitution/Trust Deed, it was resolved to pay the Shareholders/Unitholders from the Capital of the Company/Trust Fund the following amounts:
NAME OF SHAREHOLDER/UNITHOLDER (incl beneficial holder) $2,372.27

Hope this helps.


Thank You, Lilianna
I have passed on what you said to the Accountant.

Thanks for your help


Hi Lilianna

Just wanted to say, that the below information helped greatly. The Accountant was able to sort out the correct information & we were able to enter the correct
details into the correct place.

Just wondering have you every filled in the forms for ‘Return of Capital’ ? As we are finding it difficult to figure out what dates to put where in the forms.
The date of transaction of the ‘Return of Capital’ was the 30/06/2019 – So do all the forms, minutes etc to be dated the 30/06/2019?

The two main ones we are having problems with is the
Proposed Meeting date is that to be the 30/06/2019? and the ‘Notice of Members Meeting Settings’ – We put
30/06/2019 in the ‘Meeting Date’ and the 01/06/2019 for the ‘Notice Date’, but the
Notice Date doesn’t show up on any forms. We thought it should be on the ‘Notice of a Meeting of Member(s) ’ form so when we send to ASIC they can see the Members were notified of the Meeting 22 days prior. Or does the Director just date it
the 01/06/209 when he signs?


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