How to change the market value for a non-unitized share investment security?

For the Security AGL Energy, it is classified as a Non-unitized Share Investment security for the client and has been held in the previous financial years as well. There is change in the market value (no change in units held) of $41,124.60 for this year as you can see below:

However the security does not appear in the Investment Security Screen under ASX, with all other securities of the client, as you can see below, to update this new Market Value for the security.

Please advice me how to update the market value for this particular type of security like they have done in the previous financial year:

Thank you.

Hi @qwerty123,

Thank you for your post on the BGL Community.

With regards to your query, it sounds like the security rhas potentially been manually added without selecting the correct Market Type which is why it is appearing in the ASX tab of the Securities Screen.

To check which Security is attached to the Investment, you can go into the Chart of Accounts and select the Investment, where you can then review the current security attached which will indicate details such as the Code, Name and Source (Eg ASX, Manual, etc.)

Once done, please click on the ‘UUT / Other’ tab in the Securities Screen to see whether the AGL Security appears there and if it does, you can update the Price accordingly.

However, if you are still unable to locate the Security, our BGL Support Team would need to further investigate and locate the Code, Security Name and Source. Should this be the case, please log a support ticket with BGL Support through your Simple Fund 360 software and we will be more than happy to help!

In the COA, the AGL security is like this:

It doesn’t show under the Securities Screen under ASX or under the UUT/Other as you can see below:

But in the previous year they have updated the market value for this security somehow, as you can see below:

Hi @qwerty123,

As I don’t have access to the fund, it is a bit difficult to see what’s going on.

However, as it is a non-unitised investment and you would like to keep it that way, you can post a journal similar to the below (Noting it appears that the Market Value has decreased in 2019):

DR 24700
CR 77600/AGL.AX (Leave the ‘Units’ field blank)

However, as mentioned in my last comment and to protect your client data, please log a support ticket through your Simple Fund 360 software as it might be best for our BGL Support Team to take a look if you require any further assistance with this.

Have a great rest of the week ahead!