Global TBAR Lodgement

Hi all,

We’ve put up documentation on using Simple Fund 360’s new TBAR lodgement system through the TBAR Management screen.

This will save you heaps of time in lodging TBAR events across all your funds.

At the moment, the global TBAR file will be lodged through your Tax Agent Portal.

For more details, follow the link below:

TBAR Management

As always, any questions, ask away below!

We are also running a free webinar which will work through a number of case studies focusing on Event Based Reporting and helping you meet your new reporting obligations.

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Hi all,

We’ve added screen shots to our documentation on lodging the TBAR file generated by Simple Fund 360 through the Tax Agent Portal.

Article here: TBAR Management - BGL Help

As always, if you have any questions, ask away below!

has anybody worked out in which situation the ‘Reversionary Pension’ box should be ticked under Q 13.
Is it when the member starts a pension and chooses it to revert to their dependent (in bgl 360 this is a box ticked in the Members Section, under Binding death Nomination);
is it when the member is the receiving beneficiary of a reverted pension? (cannot see if this is indicated anywhere in BGL360)
or is it both? ???

We were told when reporting the pension account balances at 30/6/2017-1/7/2017 to choose the SIS option, with no mention of whether the pension was reversionary or not. I’ve interpreted that to mean that the ‘reversionary pension’ option is only used on the death of a pension member when the pension reverts to the beneficiary IYKWIM.