FuseSign - anyone using it?

Hi all

Hoping for feedback from people using the CAS FuseSign integration.

I attended the CAS webinar a few months ago and noticed that clients couldn’t download the documents they had signed which would be a problem during the annual review process. Not sure if this is still an issue?

Is anyone using this integration, and how have they found it so far in comparison to DocuSign?


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Hi Emily,

Since the webinar, FuseSign has made a change and will now send the signed document to both signing and sending parties upon completion of the document (i.e All parties have signed).

We have added a list of all frequently asked questions to https://cas360.zendesk.com/hc/en-au/articles/4403458341133



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Yes using it. All going well.
We did have feeback from a client this week that he was unable to open the documents once he signed until all the other parties had signed. Once all had signed there was a nice email with the completed documents. This would cause an issue if that first director wanted to go back for ASIC invoice details and couldn’t do this until all dirs had signed. What if the last director never signed? BGL has advise that this will be addressed in the next update. Once this is improved all good and well priced. We switched from Docusign. Not noticing any difference in functionality from our end. You need to manage the transition though to get open Docusign envelopes back signed before the switch. The link to the incomplete envelopes in Docusign will not work after the switch. We gave clients a cut off/switch date to encourage signing.

Thanks Viola that’s very helpful.

Hi All,

Thank you for the discussion on this

Just letting you all know that in the October 2021 CAS360 update, we will support multiple digital signing providers connected to CAS360 at one time. You will be able to control and switch which provider you are using in Document Production, you are also able to set a default provider.

This feature will also help those firms moving from one provider to another provider as there will no longer be a hard cut-off.


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