Fund Pension Policies Status

I have just put through an actuarial application (ACT2) but finding that the Certificate status is not updating and you can no longer update the status. the steps at the top also do not change and it remains on step 2 of review application.
When you put it through now and look at this screen it looks like the certificate has not been sent through.
Has anyone else come across this or is it just an issue on my end.

Hi @LisaGallasch,

If I’m understanding your issue properly, this is a known issue on Act2’s end.

Take a look at the following article and scroll down to step 11, this may be what’s happening:

Let us know if that is what you are seeing.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi Steve_R

Ah yes that is the issue then. This is what i see even though it has been submitted and received back.

I have the same problem with an Accurium certificate - is this an SF360 issue?

I am having similar problem, also with Accurium…any resolution yet on this?

Still happening with Act2