Fund Export process

Does anyone know any details about “Fund Export”? Is this what you use if a client leaves a firm and the new accountant would like the BGL File to import?

The current Fund Export is designed for backup and audit trail purposes only. All Fund and Transaction data is extracted to an XML machine and human readable format. The SF360 team has completed work (January 2019) for an automated Fund Transfer function to aid the moving of a Fund from one accountant to another accountant. This handles much of the complexity around stopping Data Feeds , Custom Security Prices, SuperStream, BAS , AR Lodgments, Documents and more recently TBAR events. You can transfer to the trustee or another accountant. If not transferring and more for wind up purposes, then would recommend a focus on all key documentation of the fund and signed copies of minutes, resolutions , ARs and Deeds all be kept and archived in a safe location. From a software view point, export key CGT and Financial reports to excel format and provide to trustee or new accountant.

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I feel that a lot of tax deferred components are being lost when funds move between firms. 360 needs to have this information on reports when handed over. Also the increases in cost base on the new AMMA reports.

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Thanks Maz for the feedback

For now I would recommend the CGT Register Export in the transaction list to see all the Tax Deferred and AMIT details for input of CGT history.

If migrating from SF Desktop all Tax deferred information is transferred

Further , to my comment above regard 360 Fund Transfer function, has been completed (January 2019 and have clarified all tax components will be exported/ transfered)

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