Form 362 - Registered Agent Appointment - Cannot Email or Download

Good Morning
The update has happened last night and now I dont have access to email or download the Form 362 to be able to lodge it. I have tried firefox and Internet Explorer and still no luck.

I try to produce the Form 362 and get to the screen to email or download and none of the buttons allow me to go anyfurther. Would like some help please.



We have tested this on our end and we are able to get the form 362 to prepare.

We have logged a support ticket for you and will be in contact soon


Hello Jodie @VBATAX ,

I believe our support team has contacted you in regards to this issue.

For other users who are also experiencing this issue, please first add an officer in the Officers screen of that company before preparing the Form 362.

A permanent fix will be implemented on CAS360 today.


The issue is fixed now, you can prepare the Form 362 as per usual. :slight_smile:

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