Firm/company invoice

Hello, just wondering what other firm’s process was when it comes to billing the client for the annual review. As a firm we include our own invoice with the ASIC Annual Statement package. However with the new feature enabling us to do multiple annual reviews at once it now eliminates the option to include/upload our own document.

I realise I can stil process reviews individually which would solve this problem. I could also process and email our invoice directly after sending the annual review but was trying to eliminate the client receiving multiple emails.

Just interested to hear what others do.

thank you


Hey @Sharon1,

Thanks for starting this discussion, I think it’s a great one to have even beyond the CAS360 capabilities.

I’ve personally known firms that generate an invoice for each review and send it as part of the pack, some whom send it separately based on client requests for it to go to their bookkeeper or simply to keep it and the ASIC invoice separate from the documents that require signing, and others still that have an annual billing cycle wherein every company / client group is invoiced at the same time each year for the following 12 months’ services to come.

It’s fascinating to me to see the differences that different firms have in this approach, and the various ways that it is implemented in their processes. Automation is a massive area for improving workflow, as this batch-processing of reviews has shown!

I reckon it would be fantastic to be able to click on the “Prepare Documents” button to the right of the review, upload the invoice document and arrange the document order / templates how you would for the client, and then have a “Save For Later” button that captures the flow as it is.

Then, if you were to select this review amongst a group of others, the processing screen would be then able to show something like my mockup below.

It could also be a possibility that, if your firm has an online payment gateway, that a link to that page could be included in your email template? (Instead of or in addition to including the uploaded copy of the invoice?) :thinking:

Either way, looking forward to this discussion.