Exchanging ideas with trustees at local meetings

Hello BGL Trustees
I hope that this post is not inappropriate. We have been using BGL for a few years now. Despite the fact that I had no previous experience of financial management, the support team was amazing, and after a great number of phone sessions, everything was sorted.

My query is more about whether there are any meetings between trustees who don’t use a financial advisor, so that they can: exchange tips about BGL; how they are learning about and complying with new rules; and maybe even discussing diversity of portfolios, given the current low interest rates.

I have searched the internet for trustee support groups, but have found none. Is this face-to-face contact something that others would like?

Have a look at the Trustee Meetings on this BGL page - they may be local to you


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Hi gpsuper
Yes I manage my own SMSF without an advisor also. I am also interested in having a face to face get together with like minded people to discuss new rules and where we are investing. I am in Adelaide.

Hi Dean

The Xero seminars don’t seem to be what we are looking for: a general exchange of ideas between trustees.

Thanks anyway.

Pru (gpsuper)

Hi Stephen

We’re in Perth. Hopefully others will show interest.

Pru from gpsuper

Hi, you could also try the Australian Investors’ Association (investors.asn.au) or the Australian Shareholders Association (australianshareholders.com.au). They are not-for-profit organisations and have monthly meetings in various locations around Australia.

Thanks. Even though the discussions would presumably be confined to shares, the meetings are sure to be helpful.

Hi, I would be interested in meeting with fellow trustees. I am in Sydney.

Hi D.C.,
Here are some upcoming AIA meetings in Sydney:

Or use this link: https://www.investors.asn.au/events/events-schedule/
Personally, I attend the meetings in Chatswood.
NB: It is investment focused but there are plenty of fellow trustees.
Hope this helps.

I’m also in Sydney and miss the Trustee meeting that BGL used to hold in North Sydney.
I note there is an online meeting scheduled for March 25. The last one was useful.
The AIA meeting in Chatswood sounds interesting. I’ll try to come along.