Exchange traded funds

The investments in exchange traded funds eg MOAT, QUAL, QLTY are not showing registry quantity in Balance Review. These investments are in control account 78300 which is listed in Balance Review but no registry data. When I go to set-up registry data these investments are not listed. Cannot find anything in help on exchange traded funds only things specific to exchange traded options.Why aren’t these listed investments showing in balance review?

I had the same for RARI, although QMIX did show with a registry balance.

As far as I know it’s still an outstanding issue - I was told it was due to be fixed in the next release, but that was then changed to just sometime.

I was surprised too because they are listed on ASX, and on a major registry. I don’t know what the difficulty is with these particular ones.

I was told by BGL that SF360 has a problem with four-letter ASX codes.