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Hi I’m new and am looking to import data to set up opening balances. I’m setting up the Excel spreadsheet to import. However the Create Transaction file button won’t work on the spreadsheet. Also the Workbook and the sheets are protected and I don’t know the password. I was trying to manually save as xml but the protection stopped that. I am using Excell 365 on OS X - Mac. Can anyone assist with this?



Hi @Pem360 and welcome to the BGL Community!

The XML Excel template file will be default opened in Protected View and will also have some features disabled for security reasons. Due to how the file works, there is actually a program inside that Excel template file that needs permission to run and convert the entry transaction data into an XML file.

To get around these security measures, all you need to do is accept the following alerts that will appear at the top of the file:

Hi Steve_R,

Thanks for your response. However I don’t get those warnings when I open the file. I’m using Office 365 on a Mac. Do you know where I could look to find the enable buttons you mention? I’m wondering if this sheet is compatible with my Excel version? I found the macro in View and tried to run it but got this message “Compile error in hidden module: ‘Transaction_File’. This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with the version, platform, or architecture of this application.” I’ve been able to enter my data and the “Clear all Transaction Data” button works. Is there something else I should know?


Hi @Pem360

To use the XML Excel template file, a PC Windows platform is recommended for the smoothest experience due to some Windows specific components that are needed to run the VBA script embedded in the worksheet.

As you’re on Mac OS X, you have a few other great options to bring in your investment balances for opening balances.

  1. You can use the Import Broker CSV feature which will allow you to import investment transactions. Just note that if you have any investments with deferred notional gains, the second option would be best.

  2. Have BGL complete the opening balances process for you by geting in touch with clientsuccess@bglcorp.com.au

Hi Steve,

It’s disappointing about the machine specific requirement. I did have a virtual PC on the Mac but I’d be required to update it and then get an Excel licence for one task.

I think the only workable option is to get help from the contact email you’ve provided.



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HI Steve,

Was that link you sent me an email address?

It does not work as an email address.

Do you have another way for me to contact them?



Hi @Pem360

Yes that was an email address.

If you want, I can get the Client Success Team to email you at your email address recorded for your BGL Community account and get you up and running with those opening balances.

Let me know what suits.


Yes please, Steve. Let them know and ask them to contact me.



i am trying to import Crypto transactions using the XML import Wrap feature.
I have cleaned my data to exactly match the format that is required in the BGL XML import, but due to password protection i cannot cut and paste this data. I perfectly understand why you need the data validation - but basically this feature is useless if I cannot efficiently use CSV files given to me by my clients. Only way i can now enter this is if i retype all of the information into this spreadsheet when a cut and paste after a data cleanup would do.
Someone at BGL needs to fix this so that we can cut and paste into the spreadsheet and still have data validation priot to creating the transaction file - not happy.

Ignore my comment - i just worked out i can cut and paste into the non-list fields so all good.