Establishing reversionary pension documentation

Does anyone know if BGL produces the paperwork to elect a reversionary pension recipient once a pension has commenced? I cannot find anything in the standard letters and minutes that covers this. I have a BDBN but apparently, according to my solicitor, this is not enough and I need to have additional paperwork in place nominating who the reversionary pension is to go to. The only reference I can see in BGL paperwork is a one line sentence in the pension continuation minutes. I am not sure if this is enough?

You will have to purchase this outside of BGL Iā€™m afraid.

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Lesley , I bought all my Reversionary pension documentation from DBA lawyers . I was happy with their service . I have found their website to be very informative , and have also used them to upgrade my Trust deed .
Good luck

Thank you very much for that.

Thank you, i will look at external documents.